Monday, August 19, 2013

Strap Perfect - The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution

I had bought Bra Straps from 2 weeks back and it cost 159 Thai Baht and 88 Baht for delivery charges. It was ship to me in 1 day. I was pretty impressed. However, when I open the product, the box was smashed and in bad condition but thank god there was no actual defect in the product.  Each Strap Perfect kid includes 9 pieces in different style and color.

Strap Perfect help solve my very irritating bra problem. One is the bra strap from showing when wear tank top or singlet. It is very easy to use, just clip the strap perfect onto your bra straps and adjust accordingly. It is very easy to use and comfortable too. It help makes my back straight slightly. 

It is now available in

YouTube Link: Strap Perfect

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