Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Build to Give 2013

So last Saturday, I was able to go to Rayong Province to help build houses for people who cannot afford to. We help build a total of 4 houses. Our task was to build the floor foundation on the 1st floor and to build the wall to divide the rooms on the first floor. It was tough work for me at least. It required a lot of strength but I really enjoyed the combine effort with the team. We work, we laugh, we smile, we sweat and gave back. The feeling is awesome. I wish to do more of giving back. The feeling is such a boost. After the building, the next day was so painful, couldn't move, all the muscle in the body was killing. But to be honest, I love the feeling.
Break time was fun too, we ate like pigs and mingle around. It was a fun, relaxed and comfort feeling. the surroundings was all green and breathing in all fresh air was awesome. 
I was in charge of house number 1, there I had to build the wall for the kitchen. Who said it was easy. Hats off to the constructor. The make it seem it's easy but actually it is not so easy trust me. The alignment of the wall needs to be spot on or else it wouldn't balance.  It needed concentration. and focus. 

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