Monday, September 2, 2013

Sushi Cyu & Carnival Yakiniku

One of my work mates was leaving work to peruse his education in Oxford. So we went for good by lunch to Carnival.

Atmosphere: It is very traditional Japanese seating and atmosphere. People working here are Japanese. We went for lunch so it was very quiet and people in suit are having their lunch.

Value: For a lunch price and with the quality of food, It is worth the pay. One set was for 180 to 250 Baht.

Service: Very quick service and I think this is because they have limited lunch menu and sets. So this way it is good for people who are in a rush and yet want to have a good meal.

Address: 3rd floor, All Season Place Building, Withiyut Road. T:02 251 1995

Overall: I would give this 7 out of 10. I give it less because of the variety. I only have their udon because the rest didn't really seem tempting to me.