Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Favorites and 1 Regret September 2013


1. Smooth E Whitening Hydrogel Eye Mask
I actually bought this a while back. It came in a box of 3 set of eye mask. It is recommended by Dermatologist, alcohol & Fragrance free and suitable for User of contact lenses. I bought these for 255 Baht. I feel instant nourish under the eyes after I remove the pad out. I will probably get another one of this.

2. Mac Select moisture cover concealer 
Pretty average concealer I would say. This was my first ever concealer that I have ever tried. Just recently I discovered it in my draw. It does wonder for a relaxing day. It's not heavy and it moisture the under eye area. It doesn't conceal a 100%. It doesn't look cakey.i got this for 750 Baht. 

This is my all time favorite perfume. I haven't used in a while because I am have changing it a  little lately. Just got a new bottle recently and it's to die for. It's light & fresh, sweet yet that twist of ginger and pepper make it truly delectable and different from anything else. Good any time of the year, any occasion, yet because of the spices, my favorite time of year to wear it is in the Fall. (not like we have fall here in Thailand) The bottle stores easily and is clear, so you can see how much you have left.

This tape are a life saver. But the truth is there is nothing better than buying clothes that fit and hang on you perfectly. but lets face it, we all have that one dress or top, that needs a little help to keep in place. These are strong, thin, comfy and very discreet, and people could never tell that your using tape to hold your outfit on. These are single use and they are relatively inexpensive considering if they can save you from a huge embarrassment. I love them. 

Honestly this is my first Laura Mercier product. The sales associate at the Laura Mercier counter swatch this over a lip color that just wasn't working for me in order to brighten up my lips. Baby Doll is a light, iridescent milky pink with a warm undertone. The texture is slightly sticky but not overwhelmingly so. This is a very neutral color that would literally work on everyone. The light vanilla scent is an added bonus.


1. Lancome Renergie Multi-Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Serum
This product is so expensive. I thought it would do wonders with the price paid. It is light weight and temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but its expensive for an under whelming formula. It has a strong fragrance poses a risk of irritation. It cannot life the skin as claimed nor can it redefine facial contours. Horrible product.

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