Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All about Primers

Recently I have learned that in order for your make-up to look flawless and long lasting you DO need a good primer. Back in the days, I never understood primer. It was just an additional step in make up routine that would annoy me because it would add another layer on my face and makes it heavy. But if you choose the correct primer that is the same base as your foundation and or powder, it would fit and blend in like no other. 

Primers solve a whole lot of skin troubles: they fill in texture (like fine lines or enlarged pores) to create a smooth canvas on which foundation and pigment can lay, and they extend the wear of makeup, preventing shine and mid-day meltdown. The technique on layering the primer is allowing it to set and bong in the skin properly, leaving 5 minutes between application and layering foundation or powder. 

 Brand: The Body Shop
Name: Skin Primer Moisturize it
Size: 25 ml
Price: 600 Thai Baht 

This is my first ever primer purchase. I had to pick a free product from Body Shop so this primer was my pick. The reason I selected this is because I have dry skin, so this will act as a primer and moisturize at the same time. After using it for several months, even though this primer feels very light and absorbs quickly, I would advise only a thing layer. Any excess would over-tighten the skin. I didn't see much of moisturizing effect as advertised and I suspect the primer has a bit of a shimmer finish. The downfall of this product is it doesn't hide pores and skin imperfection. It surely cannot be used alone to improve the look of skin. However, my choice of Body Shop as a brand is because of it natural ingredients. Like this primer has vitamin E complex, aloe vera and beeswax in it which help protect and soothe the skin.

Review: Benefit POREfessional Primer Review
Brand: Benefit Cosmetics
Name: POREfessional Primer
Size: 22 ml
Price: 1200 Thai Baht
This thing is awesome. For my skin type (dry), it works perfectly. It helps to mattify the skin in just the right places whilst still maintaining the dewy glow  that I've grown to. The texture is just what I like in a primer, thick and velvety which works perfectly under my Pro long wear studio fix foundation. For lasting power I would give it a full ten. Just because I have worn this on a lot of night out and parties, and at the end of the night my makeup still completely intact on my face after dancing and sweating. I have dry skin, and it doesn't dry out my skin at all.  My only downfall for this product is, it's expensive. Other than that, this product is going to be my holy grail from now on!

White color is the body shop primer and cream pinkish on is the Benefit primer