Friday, October 4, 2013

Dry Shampoo

Today is all about dry shampoo. To be honest, I hate to wash my hair as it would take the longest time to blow dry and style it. I have been having it in my vanity for quite some time but didn't find it was good enough. It use to flake my hair and since i have dark color hair, the white color would really stand out. So I had stop using it for a long while now.The new dry shampoo's that are out in the market are of much better quality. It feels fresh and it gives a hell lot of volume. I am just obsessed with it.

Given I am always looking for a good hair volumizer, I immediately gravitated towards the XXL product and have been using it for the past 2-3 months or so. The product appears to be fragrance-free which I like. Like any other dry shampoo, this leaves behind a white residue but however, it dissapears if you really work it well into your roots. This product gives a lot of volume to the hair. The initial volume provided by this product is impressive, especially when massaged well into the scalp an when you change part. it does not deflate over a period of time. I love the initial volume provided by this product and will surely repurchase it. Bastiste Dry Shampoo products are available at Boots

This was absolutely great find for me. I was randomly walking in a local drug store in Singapore and I found this. It's a foam like texture. If you don't follow the instruction of how to use, this product could NOT work for you. Tip: you cannot just spray it on and think your done. You have to spray at roots and then rub that in and kind of outward with your fingers.

I found this product before I starting using Batiste dry shampoo. For me, Batiste just seems to work better than all the others. i have oily hair (at the roots). This dry shampoo as a nice, soft, clean and floral scent to it, and I actually prefer this fragrance to any of the other dry shampoos. I cannot find this product anymore. I got this from Top super market but now they don't have it anymore. It is equally good for a dry shampoo and I use it for traveling as it is super small and does not take a lot of space.


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