Thursday, October 24, 2013

Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta

I was in Jakarta in March 2013. This is one of the attraction that I manage to take out time to see. The Istiqlal Mosque is Indonesia's laregest mosque and is a sacred place to worship as well as a center for conferences. You will be welcomed by security guide that will take you to a room where you can leave shoes and put on some clothing. Then you will be taken for a walk around, guide was ok, he will give you some facts and take a photo for you. Then at te end of the tour he will say "this is a place where you can tip me". I found it so funny. When I was taking out some money, he was calculating it in Thai Baht for me and says that you will only donate this much? I got scared because I was alone. So I ended up giving 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah which was way too much. Overall, it was so calm and so nice to see how Muslim people worship. It's also the largest Mosque in South East Asia. I enjoyed sitting there quietly and was lost in thoughts.