Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Day

Yesterday was quite a handful day for me. I had so many things to do one after the other. With the protest going on here in Bangkok, its difficult to estimate the timing to reach from one place to another. Here is how my day went:

- Early morning I received a call from no caller ID, it was an automatic voice call, saying that we have freezed your card. To hear it again, I pressed on 1, and it dirverted the call to this guy, he picked up and asked me, which bank has been frozen? At the back of my mind, I was wondering, that specific bank should be calling me, so quickly hung up the phone and called the banks that I had account with. All bank said there is no account being block. And all the banks suspect it was a fraud case. I was relieved after I spoke to the bank. All these call were happening when I was driving to work in the morning, with a hell lot of traffic. Just when I hang up, the car behind bang into my car. I was really trying to calm myself down again and again. So called the insurance and got all the paper work done and reach office late. Once reached, there was a fire drill practice for the building. So had to walk down from 24th floor down. This thing took one and half hour. I was starving. When I actually sat for work, I saw this email that my meeting with customer  was prepond to that afternoon (it had to be the next morning) I was freaked out, I didn't prepare anything I had just like 20 minutes left.  It was the most UN-organised meeting I've ever showcases and I so frustrated because I know I could do better and could have been more prepared. So the meeting ended late in the evening. Then after that, I had to find garage to fix my car, so I called several of them to check if there were available. Then had another urgent meeting, went for that then left from work after that. I was so happy to be home and I really thank god for keeping me strong and let this day go smoothly. :)