Saturday, November 23, 2013

Quick Update

Have few things to share and it's also something unreal that I would be able to do. 
  • This is the fifth month I've stayed away from alcohol (not that I've an alcohol addict) but it's something so easy to do and I never I could substitute it with some other drinks when I could out. Like I would choose and mock-tail or just sipping water all along. Benefit of this is also not putting weight (wink wink) I've not put any rule as such like not to drink, but i've just tried to avoid it only. Let's see how long it will last. 

  • I've haven't been clothes shopping for a month now. This is a pure detox for me. What I've been doing recently is just digging old clothes to mix and match and it just feels like new. This is my biggest challenge so let's see how long it goes but I'm sure it wouldn't last since I am a hoarder. 
Other than these things, just been working out regularly, keeping my heart rate pumping and adrenalin rushed. I've recently just been following the insanity workout program. It kills and burns like no other. It sweats me out in my 6th minute of the work out. I'm pushing hard and strong this time. I  am not focusing on weight loss but its more on strengthening the muscle.

Weekend is here, today I'd probably go for some workout and probably stay home and apply my henna hair mask. 

Peace out and have a great weekend :)