Friday, December 20, 2013

First Impression BenNye & Maybelline

Finally, the two wanted product since January 2013 finally it's in my collection. Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder and Instant Age Rewind Erase Dark Circle concealer. As soon as I bought it, I couldn't resist to try it. So today's post will be my first impression post on these two products. 

 The reason why I wanted to try this product so bad is first because Kim Kardarshian make up artist uses this for her face and because it's only under 10 US dollar. It comes in 1.5 oz shaker jar. It is understandable why people swear by this product because it is a talc base which mean it does wonders for shine. For those of us with drier skin like myself, the powder is finely milled and fairly silky so it'll blend out very well without clinging to drier areas of your face.  Even better than face, this powder is good for setting under eye concealer. The product and the coverage of the concealer on your eyes last forever. I use a small blending brush to simply sweep a little under my eyes and done. It sets my concealer for all day finish and most importantly it isn't completely transparent so it does have a little brightening power to it. And since it is yellow it diffuses the look of darkness while brightening so you can use it on bare, concealer-free eyes as well.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment in Medium: Every one raves about this product and finally I've got hold of it. I do have crazy dark circle and creases under my eyes and I've never liked the feeling of creamy concealer under my eyes, it's always felt too heavy and showed off my little creases too much. This concealer solves all of my problems. It comes with a sponge tip applicator, which is very practical as the product just glides onto my skin. The product is absorbed through the sponge and seeps through it once the clicker on the rim right under the sponge is turned a few times. I usually blend the product out with my ring finger tips. Although this concealer does not have the best coverage from my experience as compared to other concealers I have tried in the past (such as Mac's Pro Long wear concealer), it still does a decent job at covering my dark circles. I got mine in the shade 'Medium' although I feel it is a tinge too light for me. There is actually one share darker called 'Honey', but where I got it from didn't stock that shade. But this shade works as a brightener as well.

Overall, I would still recommend this concealer since it does a good job at brightening under eye area and they for the price, you don't have much to lose. So many people love this concealer, and honestly if I had one shade darker, I thin I would have hit the concealer jackpot.

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