Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Haul

Been really occupied with training and things so didn't get the time to update anything. This post is just a random blog post on the things I pick and got here and there. 
  • Swaroski snowflake chain and bracelet: This one I received it as a gift and fell totally in love with it the minute I got it. 
  • Lady Gaga Perfume: love the smell and the idea of black color perfume
  • Himalaya Indian Gooseberry: working on my vitamins routine, so picked up with one as it has high on vitamin C and it is also a natural product.
  • Sephora express nail polish remover: This one was pricy, but I had to hesitant to pick it up because every time I put on my nail polish and always, there is  one or two nails that got spoil, so just to wash out that and not getting the remaining spoil, this really helps.
  • Forever 21 necklace and infinity rings
  • Origins holiday set: love this stuff
  • Lóreal UV protect: This is my third bottle. That goes to show how much I love it.

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