Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Proposal

So here's the thing, I already know that Varin, my boyfriend and now sorta fiance, was going to propose to me because he told me he wanted to marry me since the first few week we got together. He himself knew that since the we were couple; for me, it took longer, about 1 yr and 10 months you could say, to ascertain or start having thoughts about it.

I started developing the feeling based on logical assessment and subsequently intuition. All that kept us together was our understanding, love came way after that, in fact we just have just started loving each other. We connected as friends on 31st March 2012 ( we knew each other long back but the relation was even lesser than being an acquaintance.

The Day of the Proposal
I had no idea that he would be proposing me, after he spoke to my parents, he did mention that he would ask me to marry him in April. But, it came way earlier than that. On Friday 28th February 2014, he drove me for my interview at Donmuang airport and when we finish, he wanted to do some shopping. So we were just strolling around in Siam. All of a sudden he tells me, I'm gonna introduce you to my friends today, I'll be arranging the dinner today. He told me dress to impress and don't tie your hair, coz it's the first impression that counts. Usually he never says things like this. I found it weird but took it lightly. When I reach the dinner place at The Most, I was surprise to see all this friends for the first time and so many people were there(your could 20-25 ppl). He slowly introduce me to all his friends and everything was normal. When we started eating my cousin asked to go with her to the bathroom and asked me to walk slowly. (to go to the toilet, you need to pass the main stage) So when we were walking through the main stage, she stop, he came from behind on his knees and express his love for me and proposed me in front of the entire restaurant. When I said yes, he put on his proposal ring, which belong's to his mom and put it on at 10:45hrs. After that the music 'Angel' by Robbie William and we had our first dance sorta thing. Then champagne was pop and the dinner was uber fabulous.

Proposal Aftermath
The arrangement he made was unbelievable. He surprised me in every way. I was pleasantly surprised by how he proposed and his meticulousness and effort in staging the proposal and making it happen. I'm really touched that he went into all this work to plan and make this proposal idea; Never thought he would pull it off this well (specially coming from someone who is not romantic at all) it simply ascertains his love for me and that this is the person whom I want to spend the rest of my life with.


Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you sis, finally you got the thing that you have been waiting for. Love you to the max sis.

Vichittra said...

Thank you Arti :) I love maak maak