Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bad Days

Life is never a bed of roses for anyone. Even if we think that the other person must be having such an awesome life, we never realize that everybody, no matter how cool or rich or beautiful would have problems and bad days. Some people are just too good at hiding or ignoring this fact that we all assume that their life would be nothing less than awesome. You could have a bad work day, bad hair day or just a bad day where everything that you planned went down the dump and you ended up with the worst possible day ever.

I have had a fair share of bad days. Sometimes things go so bad that I just want to run away somewhere and never come back. And yesterday was one such day. It seems like everything is falling apart and I just want to shut out the world, get into my bed, and hide under the blanket forever. 

After a very deep thought and prep talk with myself, it won't solve any problem but that's what I really want to do. And I know most of you would agree that many a times this is what all of us want to do. We try and put up a brave front but inside all we ant to do is cry and just let go. 

And I can't even cry, because I have to be all normal in front of everyone at work. So I just sit here as if nothing is wrong and laugh around with everyone but deep inside, a part of me is dying and I can't do anything about it.


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