Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Month of August

It's been forever and ever, and I know I'm going to be saying this in every post. I was away almost the whole of August and kept everything to pause. These are the updates:

My wedding is 4 months away and I had pushed my parents to book the venues for Sangeet and Mendhi asap. The booking part is yet to be confirmed and hopefully this will be done real soon. 

We started off with Kashmir and then to Bhutan. I wanted to go Maldives, but my finance thinks that it could get boring after sometime and wanted a place where we can relax and get some activity done too. All of a sudden, he gave the option of Turkey. So now my brother in law is working on the itinerary between Turkey and Maldive. I checked out Turkey, and figured it'll get too cold to enjoy the waters on a beach. I'm gonna cross this off our list really soon and I cannot imagine his reaction. 

I have placed all  outfit during my trip to Delhi. Beautiful wedding lengha but changing it to anarkali, which I am super excited about but I will only get it first week of December. (way too long to decide other things) Also another outfit that I am excited about is the sangeet outfit. I didn't opt for a lengha like all brides in Bangkok. I went with a gown and it's super simple and yet elegant. I just hope it's n too less. (finger cross). Another thought provoking is the mendhi outfit. For this one, I just sawa single small patch work, other than that nothing else. Hope Anish brings it on like always. I hope all of these 3 main outfit come out well. I liked all the three dresses but I still doubt the wow factor. Until an unless I see the final one with my own eyes, I will not be satisfied.

Ahh, the dreaded guest list, Since we obviously cannot afford to fee 2000+ mouths on a single night, irrespective of what a great deal we get from the hotel, we need to cut this down and filter our who's going to be invited to the Sangeet (we CANNOT be calling more than 200 from each side. Why is this such a painful exercise??!! arggghhhh

I've started researching of themes I want. It's so difficult to decide. My mind is going totally crazy and I really pity it. I'm talking to two vendors right now and seeing what do they have to offer me. Since I don't have a wedding planner, I'm going to have to direct it all by myself. Will post a few options  soon.

I'll probably add in a few more things in the coming days. Should pprobably go get some things done so my list can get crossed. 

See you soon, ladiess.....