Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wedding Ramble - Make up artist

To keep it simple and not feel bad about it, my confirmed make-up artist ditched me for some other wedding. How ridiculous could this be. I've done my make up with her thought but she is really good with brides. I was willing to pay the full amount to her but she didn't even want it. She choose an Indian bride from India over me. I know I was only giving her one function, but hey, I booked and you confirmed me back, why cancel? Just because I wasn't giving her the full wedding? I'm calm down on this issue though as there was nothing I could do nor change. Just wanted this to be in my wedding diary rambling section. Also not to mention, she is my finance really good friend as well, that is another reason why I am not saying anything. But business is business, I wasn't going to pay her less or ask for a discount either. I think it's quite obvious why she ditched me. But anyways, I still have my lovely friend Paveena Rathour, who was doing 2 event for me, so I'd just asked her to do all for me. All settle now.