Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pre-Wedding Shoot

The thought of taking pre-wedding photo didn't really occur to us because of the long distance planning that we had to coordinate was difficult. But it did happen. 

I finally have my engagement shoot pictures. I am beyond excited to share some of my favorite really soon. Having an engagement shoot was one of the best decision we have made so far with with our wedding because it really gave us a change to get to know the style of make up as well as get comfortable in front of the camera. The shoot was part of the package. 

We had a two day shoot. The first day was in X2 Resort, Kui Buri. Fabulous property, we shot majorly the bridal gowns with the beach and swimming. And then for the secon day, it was in Bangkok, where we did one shoot in my friends condo (BT residence) then we moved to Renaissance Bangkok and then Rama 8 bridge. We got variety of photography and with all the mixtures and dresses.

The whole concept was "Inner Beauty". Minimal make-up and very simple with elegance. We actually did not mena to coordinate our outfit at all but somehow it all worked out. I am posting some of behind the scene photo that I have from my phone, Once I get the real ones from the photography, I shall update it. I hope you guys love these as much as we do!

Friday, October 17, 2014

October Wedding Updates - Less than 100 days left

I realized I haven't given you an update on my wedding in quite some time! Not much has progress, as I was in Singapore for a short getaway with my cousins and then we had Ayra (my niece) a new addition in our family. So it just kept me away from the whole wedding fiesta. I will soon give you an update on my Singapore trip as well.
  • Meeting with my pre-wedding photographer
We are going to be having two supplier for our wedding. The main one (Fotozeed) who will be capturing our moments during our events. I love their candid photographer but they are not available for the pre-wedding shoot during the time my finance is in town. Phew!! Sad on this, but life moves on.

The fiance and I met with a new photographer two weeks ago. I found them through social media, they are known as 56 Kon Film Production. They would be taking care our pre-wedding shoots, behind the scene and presentation for the wedding. They are not really a commercialize photographer, they are basically starting up and from what I noticed, they prefer small projects.

  • My trousseau
I've got majority of my trousseau. And guess what, they all fit me perfectly. I'm missing out only one, one I've sent it for altered and my wedding outfit is left.  I've not said much about my wedding outfit because it's in the process of being made,and I'll tell you how much I love it only once it's in front of my eyes looking as pretty in flesh and blood. This is the only outfit I'm completely head over heels about. It comes to me by the first week of December so till then, hold your horses!

  • My experiments with...Makeup
 I started collecting make up for my wedding since three-four months back. I couldn't neglect it cause it uber expensive and specially with my finickiness, I gravitate towards the expensive products. During my Singapore trip this month, I finally purchased a few foundation to try which is the Make up forever HD Foundation and also their concealer. I was so satisfied with the sales girl at Sephora who suggested me the perfect color match to my skin tone.

  • Engagement ring
My engagement ring is here. I'm totally in love with it. It's not the traditional engagement ring, its more of a casual or you can say classic. Very simple but I'm love it. Now we are left with wedding band. My finance is here for 3 weeks, most likely this item will be checked off. 

  • Honey M-O_O-N
Phew!!! It's never ending. Nothing has been booked as yet. I'm finalising Turkey. This is where my fiance wanna go. So we are sticking to this. Just the booking part is left. The whole itineary has been worked out. 

  • Still so much is pending!!!!
Now, for what's pending - Booking a mehendi artist, invitation cards, decor for the sangeet and mendhi and the down payment to the mehendi function. You got it, quite a bit is pending! I'm super nervous. But I can also look at the glass half full that half of the wedding prep is nearly completed. With less than a 100 days to go, I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I heart my Daddy

It's not father day today but don't know why I wish to write about my emotions towards him. Everyone loves their father that is no doubt. My relationship with my dad has been good. He is like a mentor and everything to me. I become really emotional whenever I see something father related. It give me goosebumps. He has always been strict with me, shouted at me if I did anything wrong. He never communicates his love to me but by his behavior and action, you know that he loves me A-L-O-T. He is my lifeline and my strength at the same time. 

No matter where I go in life, who I get married to, how much time I spend with guys, how much I love my finance, you'll always be my number 1 man. 

Sincerely, your little girl

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wedding Update

We finally made a down payment for the ballroom at Renaissance Ratchprasong Hotel Bangkok.
I am in love with this ballroom, it is called Royal Maneeya Ballroom, decorated in a modern way. It is very new and fresh. I personally love it. It was purely my call on this choice. I hope it all works out beautifully. I'm planning to have 400 guest, this ballroom can have 800 for cocktail and 300 for a sit down dinner. So I will probably have seatings for at least 250 guest. The ballroom has high ceiling which I love.  I am super excited. Here are some pictures: