Friday, November 21, 2014

Sigh! Career Achievement

Today I finally completed my first ever global project which started in April 2014. I was the regional coordinator of the project. Total 7 country involved Australia, China, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It was a new go-live of a product. I basically manage the whole project life cycle. What a personal challenge this has been. I was so nervous and stressed out during this whole project. The project did have it's hiccup but I was able to manage that along the way.  

I had written about this project in the regional article and it also got published today. It was awesome to see yourself in it. Specially to see it on everyone's table was funny to me. 

Overall it was a fabulous experience this company has given me a chance and really trusted that I could achieve it. Kudos to the company I work for.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Singapore Haul

I know I'm super late on updating this post. These are actually the stuff I picked up during my trip to Singapore in October. Lots of good stuff, you might already know from my last post of how much I was in love with clarisonic. I'm enjoying make up forever foundation. It's phenomenal.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy 32nd Wedding Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

I want to congratulate my mom and dad on their 32nd wedding anniversary, which I have planned to celebrate this weekend. They were married in 1982. Your wedding was not some perfect wedding life, it had its quirks, its ups and its down. But deep down, you both love each other dearly.

As parents, you've sacrificed a lot to make sure that I'm happy and successful. I can never thank you enough for the love, wisdom and support you've shown me throughout the years. You've taught  me that love takes work, and it can survive the hardest time. I am blessed to have parents like you and extremely thankful that I you both.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Product Rave - Clarasonic Mia 2

The best thing I ever bought for my skin, the Clarisonic Mia 2. I had plan to buy this for a long long time, but just didn't really buy it coz it was pricy. When we were in Singapore this time, my cousin bought it, so I thought might as well. Actually at the end, my finance invested in it for me. Thank you babe.

I see a difference in my skin in just a months time. When I started using it in the beginning, I used to use it thrice a week I felt it was too harsh for my skin. Gradually, when i started using it, my skin got use to it and I am now using it on a daily basis. After every wash, I would feel my skin tingle. My skin is cleanse on a daily basis now. I love it. I use it with my cetaphil and Neutrogena face wash. I am still switching between facewash.