Monday, December 29, 2014

Solution to Wedding Stress

So the other day I grumbling of how stressed I was right. I wasn't feeling right about my outfit and blah blah. So I decided to do a dry run of the whole thing. I hired a photographer, my actual day make up artist as well as the hair dresser. Just to see who the whole look will come out, specially with the make up and what hair style to wear that day. The photo shoot was done on Saturday and now I'm feeling much better. Although not as I expected, but I'm feeling a little complete. I'm glad I did it.  

Today I received the draft pictures from the shoot, I'm feeling more comfortable and much more relaxed. It was just no use for me to be stressed out. There's always a way out in every difficult situation you face. Very important that you identify the problem and find out a solution for it.

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