Monday, November 30, 2015

My first Diwali after Marriage 2015

It was our first Diwali as a married couple. It's supposed to be the most special and auspicious of occasions since it is our first Diwali as husband and wife. 

Diwali is simply a joyous occasions with showers of firecrackers welcoming the celebration of goodness, light lamps and fairy lights illuminating the ambiance on our homes to signify that darkness has been banished for good and also abundance of sweet delicacies, new and colourful attire.

Varin is kind of a guy who doesn't believe in religion or festival, but he gave in for to celebrate this festival. Since we both are in Singapore, we weren't in involve with the whole givings and takings. Our parents in Bangkok completed all the rituals for us. 

In the morning, we went out for Diwali Brunch to Bar Bar Black Sheep at Holland Village, Very sutler and quite place. 

In the evening, what we ended up doing was, so shop, wear new attire and decorate the house with lights and enjoy a yummy meal together. We did a small prayer (of-course with the help of youtube), we had our prasad and had a big Indian meal. We burnt some crackers for formalities and enjoyed our meal. We decided to order in as we want a restaurant style food. We enjoyed watching Kabhi kushi kabhi gum on tv and ended our day with dessert. It was really cosy. We had the whole house lit with lights. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My first Karwa Chauth 2015

There hasn't been a single day in all of my 31 years, that I've spent fasting for anything. 

For people who don't know, Karva Chauth is a one-day celebrated by Hindu married women by fasting all day long until the moon is out that night for their safety and longevity. 

Fast & prayers are traditionally dedicated to the men in the family. I am told by fasting during Karva Chauth, a wife believes she is extending her husband's life. But what about the wife's life? No extension for the poor lady?? Errr. It sound funny. But I guess all this made sense in the old days when men went to war and engaged in hunting. 

I'm a total foodie and just the idea of having to skip a meal makes me nervous. I asked my less than a year old husband if he would mind me not fasting for him on my first Karva chauth. He said, "why take the trouble?" If you fast, I'll have to wait for you for dinner, which is not practical. 

My in-laws are not Hindu, so they are not big on the idea of Karva Chauth either. My mother in law left it to me totally. Neither did my Husband's brother's wife keep it. I was a little sceptical and one day, my granny rang me up asking me to keep. I was fully blown away initially but then I thought, it not difficult to starve and I'll just do it to keep her happy which I totally did. A traditional Karva Chauth might not be my thing, but I believe that every fasting wide or soon to be wife, has her own way of showing her love for her husband. 

I've grown up watching my mum fasting religiously for my dad. It's the one day of the year when I think she is the  most beautiful. I followed the traditions too. Got up at 4 in the morning, ate my sargi (food sent by mother in law), but in my case I choose and made the food I wanted to eat. I got beautifully doll, wore my only suit I had in Singapore. In the afternoon, I joined my friends for Puja and treated myself with a medium size Starbucks coffee. 

I came back home and feel to sleep for 3 hours. When I woke up, my hubby was back and it was already 8 o'clock. We watch movie and since we were getting the report of vision of the moon through what-apps, we didn't bother searching for it. We were indulge in our movie. The movie finished around 10:30hrs and by this time the moon was out in Bangkok and Delhi, so I was wondering why it was not out in Singapore. We then went out to search the moon. Since it was raining and hazy in Singapore we were not able to see anything. It was already 11 and my husband was hungry, so I broke my fast and we went out for dinner. 

My favourite part of Karva Chauth has always been the end, the support your hubby gives you is expression less. There's a real love in all of this and that's what is beautiful about this tradition. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Amala Bali, Seminyak

We stayed at the Amala Bali  and it was a great stay here. The moment you walk down the bamboo-lines entrance, you enter a world where every member of staff's sole desire seems to be to ensure that they meet you every requirement to make your stay memorable and totally relaxing. 

The hotel staff executed their duties with finesse. They were helpful always attentive, informative and hospitable. Immediately upon arrival, our kind concierge informed us of star places to have coffee, traditional Indonesia food and bars with great sunset view. 

The pool villas are amazingly appointed with great attention to detail (including mosquito nets and i-pod dock). The hotel was great even before we arrived, getting gin touch with information and our preferences for the stay. I called this service. The villa has a private pool and it was completely private. The only downfall I would say is the quality of the material used was average. The finishing of the furniture, you could see it was slightly falling apart. 

We didn't really  need to venture into the rest of the hotel too much. The breakfast was delivered to our villa on the mornings that was required and there was so much choice and they all taste really good with fresh juices. 

Our room also included a free 30 min welcome massage which we did not end up doing as there was no appropriate time to do so. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take video of the villa, so this time it will be photos instead. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bali 2015

This trip was a relaxed trip after our Europe trip. We were in Bali 1st week of October 2015. It was my first time to Bali and I seriously looked forward to it as I've heard a lot about this destination.

Crystal clear blue sea, wonderful beaches and a thousand year old culture that will fill your heart and mind with unforgettable memories. If you never been to Bali, you have no idea what you've missed.

We went to a couple of beaches, one of them being Potato Head Beach club. A perfect mix of music, art and style, this beach club absolutely deserves a visit, both during the day and during cocktail hour. Enjoy a dip in the pool and swim to the bar located in the middle of it for a refreshing cocktail.

Finn's Beach Club (Karma beach) is reachable through a gondola lift that will take you down. You need to pay some about of money to access to this beach. We took quite a long to reach this place from our hotel. It is around 20 kms from our hotel. It is not a crowded beach coz it is a private beach. It's literally a restaurant/bar by a private beach. You can stay for the whole day and not get sick of it. 

Jimbaran beach is another beach we visited. It is around 30 minutes drive from seminyak. The beach itself isn't that pretty but what keeps people coming back are the lovely little seafood restaurant along it. The best they say is a resturant called Menega Cafe, where you can purchase a set of seafood which contains 2 fishes, 2 lobster and more for only SGD40. If the menu says it's a set for 2, it can actually feel up to 4 people. So becareful. But we didn't go for the set menu, we ordered alacarte. The food was so fresh and yummy. I'll never forget the fish. It was so well made. 

If you are in Bali, do not miss this restaurant called Sardine. It is fabulous. The ambiance is on 10.  It has a full rice field view from where you are actually dining. The food was fresh and healthy. Overall must visit place. I'll definitely visit this restaurant again if I go back to Bali. 

If you are in Bali, do not forget to try Kopi Luwak. It is the most expensive coffee in the world. One cup is for 30-40 dollars. It is expensive because the process it goes through in order to produce the coffee seeds. Super long process. This coffee is originated from Indonesia. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Je t'aime Paris

The title says it all. This blog post is going to be bombarded with tons of photos of the Eiffel tower. So I won't type too much as the name of the city 'Paris' is self explanatory but you can sit back and enjoy the photos. The city is a beautiful city full of life. I definitely kept back feeling inspired by the long walks, the beautiful ornate buildings, the cute cafe everywhere, the energy, the abundance of macaroons and amazing views of just about anything. 

We are in Paris for just a night and it surely wasn't enough for me. WE started of with early morning, as the one thing I was determined to do whilst in Paris, no matter how long the queue was, was to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower. We were lucky that it wasn't crowded that day. I can easily say that the view from the top was well worth the wait and definitely the highlight of my trip - it was gorgeous day and the view in all directions was stunning. From there we saw the Arc du Tripmphe up close. It was huge, never imagine it to be so big. We ran through the Champ-Elysees, and we were just so wowed by it. Our eyes sparkle as we went along. 

After the sun down, we took a night tour of the city. It was gorgeous. The city is much more interesting by night. No words would be enough to explain that moment, sitting on top of the bus, seeing the picturesque view of the city and the chill cold weather. It was just perfect. 

Enjoy these photos of some of my favourites things in Paris!