Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wedding Blues

It's been two months since THE wedding. MY wedding. 'Our Wedding' (still getting used to saying 'us' instead of 'me'). Time has passed by a lot quicker that I had imagined, and here we are - over two months since D-day - and I haven't written a single post about our actual wedding. Until today, that is. I finally sat down with my laptop to recall all the memories from that 1 week and put them down in words. Let's begin at the beginning..

Middle of August, I realized that despite having decided the wedding date 10 months in advance, taking 1 week's leave from work before the wedding was not going to be enough to wrap up all the preparation. I didn't want the last week to pass by in a blur. I wanted to relax in those last 7 days. So I went ahead and followed my guts. However, despite of all my efforts, the last week's calendar continued to fill up with some pre-bridal and the rest was actually spent time with family, cousins & friends. It was a fun festival. I didn't care about anything but just had the best time of my life. 

But yeah, along the line, there was endless to-do list  was getting struck off, item by item. I on the other hand, - was in relaxation mode. Well, at least as relaxed as a bride can possibly be. They, said the stress has started to show on your face, just chill and we'll take care of everything. This is typically very hard for me to do. But if that task is in my cousin's hands, I leave it up to them completely. I let it all go. I focused on my self enjoying the moment. I ate well and tried to sleep a lot. I didn't care what if xyz went wrong on the fuction days. I honestly just started to look at the bigger picture - that I was getting married. Any anyway, I argued with myself, I had put in months of hard work to ensure that so much of the wedding was already taken care of. Now was the time to hang up my boots, and watch as all the planning fell into place. 

Will update a wedding series soon.