Thursday, April 23, 2015

NAMNAM Noodle Bar, Singapore

NamNam noodle bar, is a Vietnamese street food concept. I ran into this restaurant was mainly because of the fish sauce smell that gravitated me towards. I went in, sat and it was a self service. So you had his menu in a paper and you just need to jot down the number for the selected item. Once that is done, you take it to the cashier, hand over the paper and pay for it. In my selection I wanted to order lime soda, but it was over, so the lady suggested me a tamarind drink (which was earlier sceptical to order because was had peanuts flakes in it.) I waiting for 5 minutes and the food and drink was there. The drink was so horrible that with just half a sip, I had to leave it. I didn't understand the mixture of tamarind and peanuts flakes. It just didn't match in my opinion. This drink is actually suppose to be one of their best selling drink as well. But it was just not my kinda taste. The food portion was a typically Asian food portion. I order minced pork noodle with fish ball. It was average, nothing that I fancy. 

Atmosphere: I was a nice cosy place and had this traditional Vietnam local street style. It was slightly cramp up. The table were to close to each other. You could basically share a conversation with the next table.

Value: For 1 plate of noodle and a drink, it was for 15 SGD. I would say it's reasonable for the quality. 

Service: Not much to say for the service as it was a self service. The only service was the meal was quick and on point. Didn't have to wait for too long. There was also staff who seated us.

Overall: For someone looking for a new cuisine could try this place out. I would for sure go in try something else but not any time soon.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Funny thing about train

Since I moved to Singapore, commuting between places to places via the MRT (subway) is not so bad. Back at home in Bangkok, if I would have that liberty of using a public transfer with so much convenience, life would have been so productive. I would drive on a daily basis to/from work and back. I hardly walked and I would spend enormous time in the car. 

Where I live now, literally have the train just back door and in Singapore, you are to go anywhere without having to wait. Anyways the purpose of this post, was just to jot down something I observed and experienced it myself during my daily journey. 

  • People pretending to read. Does it happen that you are the only one looking at other people? Thats when I eves eyed the girl infront of me holding this fancy book. I was eager to know what she was reading, so I tried reading. Trust me, before I could complete a page, she was done. Like seriously I was just done reading half way through. I am not a slow reader for sure. Could it be, she was just holding the book as a prop?

  • I'm sure there must be so much of germs floating around the train. I constantly see people sneezing and not wiping their hands. It's ridiculous. Many times if I'm in that situation, I just stop my breath immediately. 

  • People sleeping. I know it's normal. But for sure not this experience. Its morning at 10. The train is filled with people. I'm standing right at the gate. When the train starting moving, I hear someone snore so loud. When I turn to see who it was, it was the guy next to me. He is standing and sleeping at the same time. I wanted to laugh out loud. I control myself so badly. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Sentence a Day Journal

I started writing this journal on a daily basis. It is "A sentence a Day" journal. It includes questions like:-

  • What made you smile today?
  • What was un expected about today?
  • What is your favorite outfit?
  • What did you eat for breakfast today?
  • Who have you been meaning to call?
So these are the sort of questions that are there in this journal. The good part about it is, it has three year section where you can do it for 3 years and compare each year how you grow. I think it's a way to capture unique insights of our life. I got this journal from Kikki-k. It was for 30 SGD if I'm not wrong. Let's see for how long can I keep loggin it. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Next Chapter Singapore

My marriage has brought me to Singapore. I knew it wasn't going to be easy after hearing numerous things from my friends and colleagues. It's a complete change for me. I had to face with the new place and nurture my relationship at the same time. One thing that I wanted to keep same was my job. 

I had so much going on last year with my job. My marriage got fixed just the same time I moved to a new department, that was back in February 2014. Things got a little complex. I had a new job description and for sure I wanted to attain this position. I was just loving what I do and I didn't want to leave this opportunity. I didn't know how to approach my manager, but I thought it was time, I did talk to him to see the possibility of attaining my job but having to be based in Singapore. We had several discussion on this topic and I wasn't really finding any new job in parallel because I was so occupied with the wedding preps. I knew in December (one month before my wedding), that they would allow me to do that.All my paper work was process that. I was relieved have a secured job before I moved to Singapore.  

I moved to Singapore on 1st of February 2015. Our initial plan is to stay here for 2 years and then moved back to Bangkok. This is the plan for now. But we really don't know where life will take us. 

My move was simply pack my bags and leave. My husband and I left from Bangkok on the same day but sadly on different flight. Our ticket was taken care by our company. Luckily we had similar flight timings. Our plans landed parallel to each other in Singapore. Just when I left the gate I saw him walking off this gate as well. It was too good to be true.

We were finally on our way home. I was missing home but at the same time so many mix feeling. I was a bit on a low side. As soon as I exited the elevator, I hear people shouting, surprise... My husband had arranged for his friends to come over to welcome me home and we had take away dinner together. Someone had also taken a video of the moment. My low moral just lifted with excitement. It was really unexpected.

 This is how it all started off. I was lucky that there was no hiccups along the journey. More is yet to be discovered. I would be blogging more on my Singapore life, the adjustment, the fit in, relationship, home, and just everything about it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wedding Diaries - Preparations

This post is one that I have been looking the most forward to.

Preparing for the wedding other than saying 'I do', was the most special part. It was for sure not so calm as all how all the ceremony went through, it had its own storm as well. What  made it so special was the women that were there. My mom, sisters, sis-in-law, aunts & friends. The people that I have strong bond with - the ones that I know support me no matter what. 

All of the women that were helping me prepare for the wedding are such a major part of my life. Swati, Richa and Soni, my sister, made sure that I had everything I needed. 

There was a lot of anxious and low moment, these people were right there whenever there was a bump. I am not an easy person, can't relax until it's done kind of person. Everyone energy just took all of that out of me. They made me relax and enjoy rather than stress out every single detail. 

This post is my thank you to each of these women. 

Thank you for being there, thank you for listening, and thank you for helping to make my week so perfect. I couldn't have done it without you!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wedding Diaries - Hens Night

I was lucky enough to have 2 hens night. One was a surprise thrown by my cousins and sisters and the other was more like an adventure ride thrown by my girls. 

Both were beautiful its owns ways. The hens night that was thrown by my cousins was so unexpected. Like I was not even prepared. I was sooo surprised with all the arrangement that they did and all the preparations that had gone through to make it fabulous. It was held in Anantara Sathorn hotel. The games, the cake, the drinks, the music and the people. It was all I wanted. The theme was black and gold and I came in so unprepared, with no make up. But I was surprised so it all fell in place. I literally had no idea at all. Here are some of the photograph from that night. 

My friends arranged the Flight of a gibbon. So we did the zip lining for 2 hours and then continue to Pattaya for lunch. They made the same t-shirt and wore them. It was so cute. I really enjoyed and it was good to have everyone there. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wedding Diaries - The Honeymoon

We spend our first night at Anantara Riverside. We were so tired, and just slept it off. Early morning, we had our breakfast served in our room. It was so weird to get up and have someone sleeping next to you. It was a beautiful morning. We enjoyed our breakfast in bed, with river view and watching movie on tv. We took our time, lazed around and freshen up. He then took me to the salon to get a hair wash done. Then we headed back home for lunch. We were there at home chilling and packing for our honeymoon. We then headed out for dinner with the whole family. Then we were drop to the hotel.

We had our flight early morning to Antalya via Doha and Istanbul. It was going to be a uber long journey. We got up rush with our breakfast, packing and left for the airport. 

We were both nervous for our flight specially me. He was trying his best to act as if nothing was happening with him. (we are both scared of flying). The take off was pretty good. We took qatar, the service was so good. Just enjoyed the journey talking to him and re-living our wedding. It took us 8 hour to Istanbul with 1:30 stopover in Doha. Then from Istanbul to Antalya was another hour. But the flight delayed for like 3 hours. We were just so exhausted and the airport was not at all good. People were not that pleasant as well. 

That passed, we reached Antalya at midnight, checked in this huge hotel which was very near the airport. We just slept it off that night.

Next morning, we hired a car and we self drive around the city. The weather was awesome. Antalya is pleasant. Food was amazing. It was bliss.

Next morning we drove to Pammukale which is 3 hour drive from Antalya. It is located in the sounth central fo Aegean. The journey was mind blowing. We scenic view we drove through was like a movie set. It was unreal. There was all season in our drive. We passed through top of the mountain with snow fall, then some rain and ofcourse sunshine. It was amazing.

Pammukale thermal pool which they call the cotton candy, was a unique place. It's an open spa with natural warm spring and salts wiping the years and imperfections away. The whole place was huge. It was a city. Highly recommended, once in a lifetime experience. It's also the UNESCO world heritage site. We spend the whole day day and drove back to Barut Lara in Antayla.

Next morning to took a flight to cappadocia. It is located in Ankara. this place was to die for. The city structure and everything was marvelous. I could go back there again. The people were amazing. Our tour guide/driver was the best. We stayed in Anatolia houses The hotel was a cave hotel. It had the best view and the location was just fantabulous. 

The first day we went on the full day tour, in the city and to the underground city. The people were just fabulous. The second day was the highlight, we went on a hot air balloon. Our pick up was at 4:00  in the morning. The flight lasted for 1:30 mins. The view and the sunrise was just too good. They took us Just the best thing. I was in love.

From Cappadocia, we headed to our last stop, Istanbul. The traffic was horrible. It took us nearly 2 hours from the airport to hotel. The hotel was fabu-lus. We stayed in W Hotel Istanbul. It's not the best W but the staff was mind blowing. The service, breakfast and the location was the best. I was really impressed with the staff. The hotel itself was a little complicated. It was a low rise building and the view was not that great. It was just to a wall of the next building.

We took a hop on and off tour, and just went around the whole city. Visited Blue mosque, Hagia Sophia meusum, Topkapi Palace, Sulemaniye Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Dolmabahce Palace, new mosque and galata tower. It was a full sightseeing spree with our own pace. And to top it us, we also went to Reina, the world's most famous night club.

It was so romantic and fun. I still think back about this trip and can't help but feel warm & fazzy inside. Thats one perfect moment that I'll never forget. It was just as I had imagined my honeymoon to be. All thanks to my brother in law to created this beautiful itinerary. I'd got to see whatever I wanted to. if this wasn't the perfect honeymoon, I don't know what is. Here's to many, many honeymoons with my husband , my partner-in-crime, my love.