Monday, April 20, 2015

Funny thing about train

Since I moved to Singapore, commuting between places to places via the MRT (subway) is not so bad. Back at home in Bangkok, if I would have that liberty of using a public transfer with so much convenience, life would have been so productive. I would drive on a daily basis to/from work and back. I hardly walked and I would spend enormous time in the car. 

Where I live now, literally have the train just back door and in Singapore, you are to go anywhere without having to wait. Anyways the purpose of this post, was just to jot down something I observed and experienced it myself during my daily journey. 

  • People pretending to read. Does it happen that you are the only one looking at other people? Thats when I eves eyed the girl infront of me holding this fancy book. I was eager to know what she was reading, so I tried reading. Trust me, before I could complete a page, she was done. Like seriously I was just done reading half way through. I am not a slow reader for sure. Could it be, she was just holding the book as a prop?

  • I'm sure there must be so much of germs floating around the train. I constantly see people sneezing and not wiping their hands. It's ridiculous. Many times if I'm in that situation, I just stop my breath immediately. 

  • People sleeping. I know it's normal. But for sure not this experience. Its morning at 10. The train is filled with people. I'm standing right at the gate. When the train starting moving, I hear someone snore so loud. When I turn to see who it was, it was the guy next to me. He is standing and sleeping at the same time. I wanted to laugh out loud. I control myself so badly. 

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