Thursday, April 23, 2015

NAMNAM Noodle Bar, Singapore

NamNam noodle bar, is a Vietnamese street food concept. I ran into this restaurant was mainly because of the fish sauce smell that gravitated me towards. I went in, sat and it was a self service. So you had his menu in a paper and you just need to jot down the number for the selected item. Once that is done, you take it to the cashier, hand over the paper and pay for it. In my selection I wanted to order lime soda, but it was over, so the lady suggested me a tamarind drink (which was earlier sceptical to order because was had peanuts flakes in it.) I waiting for 5 minutes and the food and drink was there. The drink was so horrible that with just half a sip, I had to leave it. I didn't understand the mixture of tamarind and peanuts flakes. It just didn't match in my opinion. This drink is actually suppose to be one of their best selling drink as well. But it was just not my kinda taste. The food portion was a typically Asian food portion. I order minced pork noodle with fish ball. It was average, nothing that I fancy. 

Atmosphere: I was a nice cosy place and had this traditional Vietnam local street style. It was slightly cramp up. The table were to close to each other. You could basically share a conversation with the next table.

Value: For 1 plate of noodle and a drink, it was for 15 SGD. I would say it's reasonable for the quality. 

Service: Not much to say for the service as it was a self service. The only service was the meal was quick and on point. Didn't have to wait for too long. There was also staff who seated us.

Overall: For someone looking for a new cuisine could try this place out. I would for sure go in try something else but not any time soon.