Monday, April 13, 2015

Wedding Diaries - Hens Night

I was lucky enough to have 2 hens night. One was a surprise thrown by my cousins and sisters and the other was more like an adventure ride thrown by my girls. 

Both were beautiful its owns ways. The hens night that was thrown by my cousins was so unexpected. Like I was not even prepared. I was sooo surprised with all the arrangement that they did and all the preparations that had gone through to make it fabulous. It was held in Anantara Sathorn hotel. The games, the cake, the drinks, the music and the people. It was all I wanted. The theme was black and gold and I came in so unprepared, with no make up. But I was surprised so it all fell in place. I literally had no idea at all. Here are some of the photograph from that night. 

My friends arranged the Flight of a gibbon. So we did the zip lining for 2 hours and then continue to Pattaya for lunch. They made the same t-shirt and wore them. It was so cute. I really enjoyed and it was good to have everyone there.