Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wedding Diaries - The Honeymoon

We spend our first night at Anantara Riverside. We were so tired, and just slept it off. Early morning, we had our breakfast served in our room. It was so weird to get up and have someone sleeping next to you. It was a beautiful morning. We enjoyed our breakfast in bed, with river view and watching movie on tv. We took our time, lazed around and freshen up. He then took me to the salon to get a hair wash done. Then we headed back home for lunch. We were there at home chilling and packing for our honeymoon. We then headed out for dinner with the whole family. Then we were drop to the hotel.

We had our flight early morning to Antalya via Doha and Istanbul. It was going to be a uber long journey. We got up rush with our breakfast, packing and left for the airport. 

We were both nervous for our flight specially me. He was trying his best to act as if nothing was happening with him. (we are both scared of flying). The take off was pretty good. We took qatar, the service was so good. Just enjoyed the journey talking to him and re-living our wedding. It took us 8 hour to Istanbul with 1:30 stopover in Doha. Then from Istanbul to Antalya was another hour. But the flight delayed for like 3 hours. We were just so exhausted and the airport was not at all good. People were not that pleasant as well. 

That passed, we reached Antalya at midnight, checked in this huge hotel which was very near the airport. We just slept it off that night.

Next morning, we hired a car and we self drive around the city. The weather was awesome. Antalya is pleasant. Food was amazing. It was bliss.

Next morning we drove to Pammukale which is 3 hour drive from Antalya. It is located in the sounth central fo Aegean. The journey was mind blowing. We scenic view we drove through was like a movie set. It was unreal. There was all season in our drive. We passed through top of the mountain with snow fall, then some rain and ofcourse sunshine. It was amazing.

Pammukale thermal pool which they call the cotton candy, was a unique place. It's an open spa with natural warm spring and salts wiping the years and imperfections away. The whole place was huge. It was a city. Highly recommended, once in a lifetime experience. It's also the UNESCO world heritage site. We spend the whole day day and drove back to Barut Lara in Antayla.

Next morning to took a flight to cappadocia. It is located in Ankara. this place was to die for. The city structure and everything was marvelous. I could go back there again. The people were amazing. Our tour guide/driver was the best. We stayed in Anatolia houses The hotel was a cave hotel. It had the best view and the location was just fantabulous. 

The first day we went on the full day tour, in the city and to the underground city. The people were just fabulous. The second day was the highlight, we went on a hot air balloon. Our pick up was at 4:00  in the morning. The flight lasted for 1:30 mins. The view and the sunrise was just too good. They took us Just the best thing. I was in love.

From Cappadocia, we headed to our last stop, Istanbul. The traffic was horrible. It took us nearly 2 hours from the airport to hotel. The hotel was fabu-lus. We stayed in W Hotel Istanbul. It's not the best W but the staff was mind blowing. The service, breakfast and the location was the best. I was really impressed with the staff. The hotel itself was a little complicated. It was a low rise building and the view was not that great. It was just to a wall of the next building.

We took a hop on and off tour, and just went around the whole city. Visited Blue mosque, Hagia Sophia meusum, Topkapi Palace, Sulemaniye Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Dolmabahce Palace, new mosque and galata tower. It was a full sightseeing spree with our own pace. And to top it us, we also went to Reina, the world's most famous night club.

It was so romantic and fun. I still think back about this trip and can't help but feel warm & fazzy inside. Thats one perfect moment that I'll never forget. It was just as I had imagined my honeymoon to be. All thanks to my brother in law to created this beautiful itinerary. I'd got to see whatever I wanted to. if this wasn't the perfect honeymoon, I don't know what is. Here's to many, many honeymoons with my husband , my partner-in-crime, my love.