Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wedding Diaries - #vvthewedding

Everything is about to change!

Wednesday 21st January, I wake up for the last time as a single girl. I look around my room - its still the same as it has been for the last 8 years, except the filled suitcase lying around. My sisters are up getting ready. My make up artist was here. Everyone seem to be doing something or the other. 

I was calm, looking at everyone moving up and down and right to left. My sister showered for me and then my MUA gets to work immediately. She put my hair in curlers and starts with my make-up. I had no preference for my make up. I trusted my make up artist as she is also my dear friend. I had a bun made so that my dupatta could be placed on my head. I didn't have my mirror in front of me while she was working on me. I was really comfortable with my outfit and the whole dupatta. I didn't feel uncomfortable nor was I feeling heavy.

We got ready and it was time to open my choora. It was beautiful. I was instantly in love with it. Very minimal with a hint of glam in it.  My sister screen check over my outfit, and we felt that the neck was too deep, so we tried to matha tek (bow down) to see if it was looking bad.  Now we are ready to leave home. 

I am not coming back as a single again after this. But it really didn't hit me then. 

I headed to the gurdwara with my girls in the car. All calm and taking tons of selfie on the way. 

We then headed to the green room for our call. I was surrounded by my closest friends and sister. Excitement sets in, as does nervousness. Before going up for the phere, The gold bangle was sidled in my hand that my daadi had  gifted me for the wedding. It was beau-ti-ful. Stunning is the word. The kalere and the whole bangle set was wow. My time is almost here. 

As soon as I enter the walk way, I melted. I don't know what it was, I was nervous and I was crying. I had to stop and hold my horses together before I start walking any further. I just kept saying to myself, just smile and it will all be okay. 

As I slowly walk in step by step, there are smiles all around me. I recognize so many faces in the crowd, I keep trying to give a discrete nod of recognition to as many as I can. I am just plain happy. And finally, my eyes find my groom. My day, is here.

The wedding ceremony goes on smoothly, and before you know it, it's time to register our marriage for the gurdwara. He had to sign before me, so while he was signing I was whispering to him, are you sure you will take care of me. While he was in the middle of his signature, he turned to me and said, you'll be just fine. Then it was my time to sign. I did it with confidence. Once I finished, he gave me a cheeky smile and told me it was my fake signature. I went lolz.

The magalsutra was put on around my neck, followed by sindoor. I did feel a little goosies. Then the exchange of garland and followed with the exchange of the wedding ring.

Finally, all the guests have congratulated us, our photographer whisks us away for some couple shots. I'm not really into posing for a photograph but did it was the photographer direction.

I had my doli from there, so I said my goodbyes to everyone, Gave a hug to all, by the time I'm done with all, I see my mom crying and my sisters also teared up. I sat in the care and trying to take deep breaths to calm down when my man puts his hand on me reassuringly (and he keeps it there till we reach his house).