Monday, May 4, 2015

I am Singapore

I am cafe is just around the corner from my office building. I pass this cafe on a daily basis but never got place because it was always busy. Everything about this place was perfect. The burger was to-die for. They are known for their charcoal burger. 

Atmosphere: Very chic yet raw kinda feeling ambiance. It is just around the corners and have tables outdoor as well. 

Value: Their charcoal burger starts from 14S GD onwards. But every penny spent is worth it. Trust me. The meat is super juicy and not dry which I totally love and the best part the fries doesn't feel fat. The fries doesn't make you greasy at all. 

Service: Service was good. It's a small place and they were all covered with the number of staff they have. 

Overall: For a fast food joint, I would give it 9 on 10. The reason for not giving full is because I wasn't sure of the nutrition of those tasty burger. Will definitely go their when I crave something fatty.

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