Monday, June 29, 2015

Thai Airways not in the Top 10

I'm in Bangkok on a business trip. Sound funny to be in home country and on a business trip. Will be here for 2 weeks. So start recording what I have been up to, I took Thai airways from Singapore to Bangkok. The reason I need to blog on this is because, Thai airways is not on the top 10 best airlines any more. So I'm going to share my experience on this flight. 

I have always been fascinated flying with Thai airways. After this experience I don't think I would be any more. My check-in was super smooth and quick. The flight was delayed by 10 minutes which was tolerable, but to be on the top list of airlines, 10 minutes of delay is a big minus. 

The flight was full, there was no empty seat in my zone. The captain was clear with his announcement, like I understood whatever he was saying. The internal plan design was very old and wearing off. It seems like there was no maintenance done to the interior. Food was served, there was 2 menu option which was fish or prawn. Their 2 menu choice was wage in my point of view. Many people are allergic to prawn in general, so I wish there should have some simple choice like chicken which is versatile and less allergic to. I didn't get my desert in my service tray and the bowl of main course was so dirty. It was an instant turn off for me as I was super hungry. The salad was very basic and it just didn't work for me. 

I rang for flight attendant service, nobody attended me until I called for  service when someone was passing by. It was just a mess. I wouldn't recommend anyone on Thai airways. I prefer Cathay Pacific any time to Thai airways now. 

It's time for them to buckle up and improve themselves. It's the country's national career, so I wish the service was much better. 

Friday, June 26, 2015


I just recently discovered about Quinoa and after having read many things about it, I've started using in my meals and exploring it. I'm always a little suspicious of anything that gets claimed as a super food. Which is why it took me a while to get around to trying quinoa.

My first encounter was with a part of my salad for dinner. Not very inspiring unless you come from work. Bare in mind, it is not a seed but grains. Super easy to cook and can be replaced with rice. It does taste nutty but it is not a nut (for those who is allergic to nuts) Here are some things you should know about Quinoa

It has a funny pronunciation. I always feel a tiny bit pretentious when I correct people but apparently it likes to be referred to as Keen-wah. It is super delicious, no matter how good for you a food is, I don't include it in my diet unless it passes the taste bud.  A big positive for vegetarians as I've learned recently. It's also pretty good on iron and fire which gets the nutritionist excited. 

It really needs to be washed well otherwise it will taste bitter. I read somewhere that the surface of quinoa contains a chemical called sponin that has a bitter soapy taste. Most commercial quinoa will already be washed and have the saponin removed but it's a good idea to rinse it just before you use it in case there are residues. Why I am saying just before because it absorb a lot of water. 

Brotzeit German Bier Bar

On Sun 21st 2015, we went to vivo city to pick up some stuff, so we stop by for lunch at Brotzeit German Bier Bar in vivo  city. The restaurant had an indoor and outdoor area overlooking to sentosa island. People were just sitting a chilling with German Beer.

Atmosphere: It was a very relaxed place, windy and fresh. It was just perfect for a Sunday kinda day. Although the chair wasn't that comfortable as it was a wooden chair. But the whole vibe of being there is refreshing.

Value: We ordered a large salad portion with the new a new Salmon menu. The whole meal was for 80 SGD. The quality of the food was good and delicious. So worth the money spent.

Service: Good, friendly service. Staff was attentive and quick with their service and response.

Address: They have 6 branches, check out their area from the website.
1Harbour Front Walk#01-149/151, VivoCity SIngapore 098585
Phone: (65) 62728815

Overall: It was a good refreshing place. I would love to go back but maybe try a different branch to see how the vibe is. I would rate it 9 out of 10. One point less for the wooden chair. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hari Raya Bazaar at Paya Lebar

On Tuesday, I had a chance to visit the Hari Raya Bazaar in Paya Lebar. My hubby was meeting his colleague for evening consultant, so I tag along to to explore the market. 

During the Muslim fasting month (Ramadan), there are a few bazaars around Singapore selling delicious food for the Muslims to break their fast, as well as other traditional festive goods to help them celebrate the coming Hari Raya Adilfitri Holiday. This biggest bazaar is the Geylang Serai. 

So in the market, they were selling Muslim clothing, ea-tables, etc. It's a huge market. Below are some of the photographs from the bazaar. 

Since it was a Tuesday evening, the crowd wasn't bad but it was super hot. I wouldn't recommend to go during weekend.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

W Istanbul, Turkey

I would like to warmly thank the staff of the W hotel Isanbul for the kind hospitality they offered us during our stay. 

What can I say, 4 nights in Istanbul this hotel was in point till we were going to leave. The hotel is located in a trendy side of the town, close distance to both upmarket side and local student side. Your a small cab journey away from the nice clubs and restaurants. The old town by taxi is recommended out of peak traffic hours but you are only 10 minutes walk from the local tram which gets  you to Asia side in 15 minutes and very cost effective. 

The hotel is trendy and had comfortable rooms and all well maintained. The room location could be confusing at first in term of the building layout, but you get the hang of it. It's a low rise hotel, with a very small elevator. 

When we arrived the firs day, we were well guided throughout the property by basically the whole hotel team. The man of the hotel would be Koray, we pretty much hook you up with everything that you were wanted. He just made our life so easy in Istanbul, he was our google map!! I really recommend this hotel, the GM was super enduring. 


Must have on Working Table

Just had these things lying on my work table so thought to blog these things away.

L'oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence city face mist: This is the new face mist by l'oreal, I use this 30 minutes before I head out for lunch. It doesn't mention you have to mist it 30 minutes but that's what I generally do. The texture is very light and can be mist on top of make-up which is the best. It has SPF 50+ and it doesn't feel sticky at all. It's light and very easy to use. The size of the container can be thrown in your daily bag. 

Berocca effervescent tablet orange flavour: It's a multi-vitamin supplement. I take it on days that I am sleepy or not feeling myself. I don't take this on a daily basis. I would say 3 times a week. I don't know if its psychological, after I take it, I feel instant awake and alert. That is beside the point, it has a lot of zinc and magnesium in the tablet which is good for my cramps. 

Sweet pea fragrance mist from Bath & Body works

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray: This is a refreshing spray for a humid place like Singapore. So when I get back from lunch, I just spray to get the extra moisture to my skin. You just feel instant fresh and ready to complete your second half of the day. 

Blackmore Dietary Supplement Fish Oil 1000: This is an additional supplement natural source of OMEGA-3. I have it after my breakfast and lunch. I don't cook a lot of non veg, so this is good to have a complete diet. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Anatolian House Cappadocia/Goreme, Turkey

Beau-ti-ful!!!! It's definitely unique hotel. The fairy chimneys, the layout of the property, an underground swimming pool makes it very different. Stairs were everywhere, There was no need of a lift really. This is a heritage property and not much changes were allowed as it was controlled by the government. The design of the cave were fabulous, very nice staff, two nice restaurants (excellent new Indian restaurant attached to hotel). The location and view are spectacular. The bed was comfortable and we had an arched ceiling so our "cave-ish" room was spacious and very comfortable. 


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life Update

Just wanted to keep an update of what's been happening in my life. I want to update on a regular basis so that I can look back on the things I've done and how I have grown. 

  • Cooking
I've really been trying to cook for my husband. I've never cooked before marriage and nor do I know how to cook. I took too much liberty on having my parents being a good cook and never really did it. It has never been an interest for me until now. I know now how it feels to cook well and have your husband praise you. All the effort and sweat put in it just disappear. I've been following a lot of food blog and youtube. I've been following Tarla dalal and food and flavors by Shilpi. I still haven't master at it. But I am really working hard. It's not just the cooking part, but to also have fresh vegetables and using them at the right time. So basically I'm also learning how to manage my inventory. 

  • Spring Clean
I'm still adjusting my home in terms of the set-up and to make it as comfortable as possible. I'm super loving my linen, it just completes my sleep to the best level. Also I'm still in search of flower vase, I brought fake flowers from Bangkok and I want to decorated somehow. Also main target now is to have some of our pictures up hanging on the wall, to make it more homely. 

This has become an important action item on my list. I'm upgrading my youtube channel. Basically, I've added new banner and uploading more video with a customize cover page. It really take a lot of time. So when my husband is away, this is what I'm doing most of the time. I also plan to vlog, I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it just feels good to be able to go back to the old video. As for the blog, I think I will plan the days for the blog to go up. More of a schedule. I'm still thinking about this. 

That's update on my personal life at the moment. I need to keep myself busy and productive. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

X2 Kui Buri Hua Hin, Thailand

This is where we got our pre-wedding shoot and video done. It's a five star resort. This place is super calm and serene. I will sure go back to this place. The room is spacious and very well designed. Love the feeling of this place. The lobby is the best. Love that tree shining under the sun. It's spectaculars. The rooms/villa are all scattered. You don't feel congested. Going there is a bit of a hassle. The Google map of this hotel actually shows the wrong location. So do not follow it. It will take you to a completely different place. 


Saturday, June 13, 2015

La Roche-Posay Ultra light Sun screen

This is my best sunscreen I've ever come across. It's super light and it doesn't make my face oily. I don't need to powder to remove the shine. The texture is near to water and you just need a few drops. If you don't massage it well to your skin, you might see some streaks or lines of the product. So make sure to blend it well. I've been wearing it everyday since the day I got it and it hasn't broken me. It also acts as a perfect base for my makeup. The packaging is small and ultra light. It is perfect for traveling. This product just made me fall in love with sunscreen and don't forget to apply it on a daily basis now. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Punpreeda Pool Villa Beach front Koh Samui, Thailand

Punpreeda Pool Villa Beach front Koh Samui, is our second resort. As we have an early morning flight the next day, we selected this hotel. Not a fan at all. The quality of this hotel has drop big time. There's no maintenance been done for a long time. I will not recommend this hotel to anyone. For a change, this time, my husband gives us a tour of the room. 


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa, Thailand

We went to Samui island for my birthday weekend. We were there for 4 nights and 2 nights we stayed in Renaissance Koha Samui Resort & Spa. For more hotel review video, please check out my youtube page. You can see the room review under the video comment part. 


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Marco Marco Singapore

One evening, I was meeting my husband in boat quay and we were suppose to go home. We came across this restaurant called Marco Marco an Italian joint, we stop by and said let's eat here. So we ended up at this place for dinner that night. It had an out door area and the weather was just perfect. The panini here was yummy. They had a variety of pasta and pizza choices. They also have mixes of other cuisine, for example a pasta in indian style sauce. So it was a good mix of item on the menu. 

Atmosphere: Cool set up, had an indoor and outdoor area and you could smoke at the outdoor area. Cute decor pieces all over. It had a high and low table to choose from. Cute set-up I would say. 

Value: hmmm I don't remember how much the meal was for. Weird isn't it... sorry...

Service: Nothing great nor bad about it. I would classify as good. 

Address: #01-05, The Metropolis, 9 North Buona Vista Drive, 138588 

Overall: I would go back for the panini and try some other menu. Our order was delicious and enjoyed every big of it. I would give it a 7 out of 10. 

Set Up

Ice Lemon Tea

Vegetarian Panini

Spagetti in with Indian cottage cheese

Ceasar Salad

Dipping with Panini

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jadeite Vegetarian Restaurant

I can't say how much I was looking for a good vegetarian food for my Monday & Tuesday lunch near my workplace. Today I just randomly while I was walking out from the office I just google vegetarian food near bugis, and this restaurant called Jadeite came up. And I just went for it. I'm glad I did. They have limited menu but it wasn't oily and it was just perfect. 

Atmosphere: It's a simple set up, clean and airy. It is not like decorated and things like that, its normal set-up. 

Value: Very decent daily price from 9 SGD onwards. For the quality, It's superb.

Service: The service was fast, and the people there are sweet and helpful in guiding what menu to choose. They even recommended the promotions and set meals. 

Address: 470 North Bridge Road, Bugis Cube #03-21 Singapore

Overall: I love it and would definitely go back for sure. The food taste super good and you can feel the freshness of the food. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grand Mercure Beijing Dongcheng Hotel, China

I was in China for the first time in May. I was there for 4 nights on business trip to Beijing. The weather was fabulous. The temperature was around 18-24. It was really pleasant. The people there didn't speak English, so it was a challenge for me. Motobike are banned there, I mean you  could use it if it was on electric. I was able to squeeze sometime to go to the forbidden city and of course meet my friend Cathy. We toured me around the city and it was an enjoyable trip.