Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life Update

Just wanted to keep an update of what's been happening in my life. I want to update on a regular basis so that I can look back on the things I've done and how I have grown. 

  • Cooking
I've really been trying to cook for my husband. I've never cooked before marriage and nor do I know how to cook. I took too much liberty on having my parents being a good cook and never really did it. It has never been an interest for me until now. I know now how it feels to cook well and have your husband praise you. All the effort and sweat put in it just disappear. I've been following a lot of food blog and youtube. I've been following Tarla dalal and food and flavors by Shilpi. I still haven't master at it. But I am really working hard. It's not just the cooking part, but to also have fresh vegetables and using them at the right time. So basically I'm also learning how to manage my inventory. 

  • Spring Clean
I'm still adjusting my home in terms of the set-up and to make it as comfortable as possible. I'm super loving my linen, it just completes my sleep to the best level. Also I'm still in search of flower vase, I brought fake flowers from Bangkok and I want to decorated somehow. Also main target now is to have some of our pictures up hanging on the wall, to make it more homely. 

This has become an important action item on my list. I'm upgrading my youtube channel. Basically, I've added new banner and uploading more video with a customize cover page. It really take a lot of time. So when my husband is away, this is what I'm doing most of the time. I also plan to vlog, I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it just feels good to be able to go back to the old video. As for the blog, I think I will plan the days for the blog to go up. More of a schedule. I'm still thinking about this. 

That's update on my personal life at the moment. I need to keep myself busy and productive. 

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