Monday, June 29, 2015

Thai Airways not in the Top 10

I'm in Bangkok on a business trip. Sound funny to be in home country and on a business trip. Will be here for 2 weeks. So start recording what I have been up to, I took Thai airways from Singapore to Bangkok. The reason I need to blog on this is because, Thai airways is not on the top 10 best airlines any more. So I'm going to share my experience on this flight. 

I have always been fascinated flying with Thai airways. After this experience I don't think I would be any more. My check-in was super smooth and quick. The flight was delayed by 10 minutes which was tolerable, but to be on the top list of airlines, 10 minutes of delay is a big minus. 

The flight was full, there was no empty seat in my zone. The captain was clear with his announcement, like I understood whatever he was saying. The internal plan design was very old and wearing off. It seems like there was no maintenance done to the interior. Food was served, there was 2 menu option which was fish or prawn. Their 2 menu choice was wage in my point of view. Many people are allergic to prawn in general, so I wish there should have some simple choice like chicken which is versatile and less allergic to. I didn't get my desert in my service tray and the bowl of main course was so dirty. It was an instant turn off for me as I was super hungry. The salad was very basic and it just didn't work for me. 

I rang for flight attendant service, nobody attended me until I called for  service when someone was passing by. It was just a mess. I wouldn't recommend anyone on Thai airways. I prefer Cathay Pacific any time to Thai airways now. 

It's time for them to buckle up and improve themselves. It's the country's national career, so I wish the service was much better.