Thursday, July 16, 2015

Food i cooked

I don't know how to cook but I have recently started to cook for my husband. He likes to eat home food so I've made a point to cook at at least 3 times a week. In the beginning and now actually, I struggle a lot. I don't even know the basic of cooking. After being married for 6 month, now I can put together some dishes together.

Kheer made with Quinoa
My husband, eats very repetitive food and he is not really fond of eating that much. His taste sense is very limited. He enjoys not so flavoured food and can repeat his menu up to 3 consecutive days. On the other side, I'm so fond with eating that I never really got a chance to cook. 

Yellow Daal
I really struggle and get really bored, cooking itself and as well as cooking the same things over again. So it's a challenge for me to overpass this phase of cooking. I shall update my more about my cooking progress in the upcoming blog post. 


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