Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Keep Calm, it's our 6 Month Anniversary

6 months ago, I married the most wonderful man on this world (it's a fact, he is really) 

Everyone says the first few year of marriage is always difficult. But I don't think that is completely true, it has been a blissful journey for me. I would it is more of the small challenge that you need to overcome. Here are a few of them

I'm this kind of a person who always ask for affirmation. It could be about anything on this earth. Did I make the right choice? Should I have tried this instead? Would you do this differently? Why didn't I think of that? You like this color, right? What's going to happen next in the movie? I know I ask a lot of questions.  He has a hell of a job dealing with an impulsive wife who also second guesses everyone of her decision. I really can't help myself from asking him the affirm and reaffirm  every choice I make. I'm sorry boo boo and thank you for your patience. 

I know that I'm impatient and impulsive. I also know that, when faced with a decision, I usually panic and choose the ridiculous option (like my food options are ridiculous every time) rather than the reasonable one. He is much more careful in that ways. You're my closest confidant and I truly believe that being able to bounce ideas of you is what helps me achieve any measure of success. Thank you for your wisdom. 

I'm a piece of work, I know. 

These last few months have brought a lot of changes for us, and so much of what lies ahead is uncertain. I love you because you make being difficult feel easy. You help me push through the fear, the hesitation, the self-doubt. You're everything I'm not and so many things I'd like to be. I over you because when I scare the hell out of you with my anger, you wrap me in your arms and cover me up. I love you because you let me drive you crazy. I love you because you don't ever let the cliches dictate your life, and insist on defining things for yourself. I love that we, together, shape what a marriage is and what we want ours to be, even if it means we go a little crazy trying to figure it out. 

Okay, I'm done being cheesy for today, but in all honesty, I have a wonderful husband.  

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