Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#Singapore and I

July is coming to an end, and it's been all together 5 months since I moved to Singapore. It has been a hell of a journey so far. Singapore has beautiful architect all around and if you are wondering what to do, then just head out and just keep walking. You will find amazing things around. I explored so many things when I walk. I've made it a habit of walking during the weekend to explore a particular area. 

Things I love about Singapore: 
  • Comparing to Thailand, Singapore is much safer place to stay. They have strict rules and regulations that has been controlled. 
  • The diversity of culture that exist here is unbelievable. Discrimination is not often seen or felt. 
  • Food variety is insane. You have selection from Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, etc The best thing for me is there is so many salad bars/station to choose from. 
  • Privacy in Singapore, I love to be by myself and I enjoy all the privacy I get. The community is different from Thailand, where people are checking you out and noticing you what you are wear, what you are doing. 
I'm sure there is more to explore and more to love and more to share. Time flies so I'm trying to embrace the most out of it.