Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A night in Vienna

Vienna, Austria was our first destination in Europe. We arrived earlier morning on a Sunday. It was a ghost town, we hardly saw any people. It was calm and peaceful, for a minute, we felt like we had to whisper to each other when we had to talk. (giggles). 

Vienna, Austria

Vienna has a lot of offer. I never have imagine to visit this city. This city is filled with rich culture, long lasting tradition, stunning architecture, the way of living, amazing coffee houses, the capital city for classical music and many many more. 

Cycling around Vienna
We trail along the city in our bi-cycle, it was just the best weather day for it. So the city is structured district and the touristy area/attraction are all in the 1st district. In the 1st district, there is a ring road surround the 1st district. Along that Ring road, they are famouse sight like Opera House, Hofburg Palace, City Hall and Parliament. 

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien - Art History Museum

Art History Museum
The famous Hofburg palace was the Habsburgers winter residence, as the Schonbrunn Palace was their summer residence. 
Wein River
Naschmarkt is Vienna's most popular market and real hot spot. It is located at the Wienzeile in the 6th district of Vienna. The market extend up to 1.5 kilometres. You will find fresh fruits, vegetables, exotic herbs, cheese, olives, baked goods, meat and seafood.  

Neni's In Naschmarket

Neni's Resturant In NacshMarkt

Bermudadreieck, Vienna 
The Bermuda Triangle is an area with pubs and bars in a historic corner of Vienna's city centre. It got its name because it is easy to get lost in one of the many bars, get drunk and then awake a few days later in some gutter with no memory of what had happens.

St. Rupert's Church, Vienna
It is the oldest church in Vienna

Prater Amusement Park, Vienna 
The Prater is a large public park in Vienna's 2nd district. It is officially known as Wurstelprater amusement park. This place is colourful, bright and full of life. I loved some of the side streets that was awesomely lit. We went on a few ride and it was so cheap comparing to other amusement park, I have been. We spent so much time in here, that we even club in dinner in some authentic Viennese food. We left very late, I think after 11 pm, and even then most of the attractions were still operating. I think this is a really nice evening trip.