Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bali 2015

This trip was a relaxed trip after our Europe trip. We were in Bali 1st week of October 2015. It was my first time to Bali and I seriously looked forward to it as I've heard a lot about this destination.

Crystal clear blue sea, wonderful beaches and a thousand year old culture that will fill your heart and mind with unforgettable memories. If you never been to Bali, you have no idea what you've missed.

We went to a couple of beaches, one of them being Potato Head Beach club. A perfect mix of music, art and style, this beach club absolutely deserves a visit, both during the day and during cocktail hour. Enjoy a dip in the pool and swim to the bar located in the middle of it for a refreshing cocktail.

Finn's Beach Club (Karma beach) is reachable through a gondola lift that will take you down. You need to pay some about of money to access to this beach. We took quite a long to reach this place from our hotel. It is around 20 kms from our hotel. It is not a crowded beach coz it is a private beach. It's literally a restaurant/bar by a private beach. You can stay for the whole day and not get sick of it. 

Jimbaran beach is another beach we visited. It is around 30 minutes drive from seminyak. The beach itself isn't that pretty but what keeps people coming back are the lovely little seafood restaurant along it. The best they say is a resturant called Menega Cafe, where you can purchase a set of seafood which contains 2 fishes, 2 lobster and more for only SGD40. If the menu says it's a set for 2, it can actually feel up to 4 people. So becareful. But we didn't go for the set menu, we ordered alacarte. The food was so fresh and yummy. I'll never forget the fish. It was so well made. 

If you are in Bali, do not miss this restaurant called Sardine. It is fabulous. The ambiance is on 10.  It has a full rice field view from where you are actually dining. The food was fresh and healthy. Overall must visit place. I'll definitely visit this restaurant again if I go back to Bali. 

If you are in Bali, do not forget to try Kopi Luwak. It is the most expensive coffee in the world. One cup is for 30-40 dollars. It is expensive because the process it goes through in order to produce the coffee seeds. Super long process. This coffee is originated from Indonesia.