Friday, November 6, 2015

French Riviera, Cannes, Nice, Monaco

From Croatia we headed to Nice, France. From Nice, we took over French Riviera, Cannes and Monaco. We self-drive  to all these destination and enjoyed the straightforward road.

Nice is actually a big resort on the French Mediterranean coast which is just next door to Paris. The weather here is much warmer from Paris. The city itself has a full screen of ocean front, shopping, night-life, culture and recreation.

We strolled along the Promenade des Anglais and shop around the area. This is located directly on the beach, offering an amazing view of the Mediterranean sea. This street offer a lot of options of small boutiques to the big department stores. 

The street in Nice, France

The chapel in Nice, France
We were enjoying the architecture of the building, the busy beach pack with people and of course a little shopping. 

Cannes, all we know about is the Cannes Film festival that is much talked about. Cannes is actually known as the fishing village. The town is showcase of recreational energy, featuring casinos and restaurants, beaches crawling with people, vibrant street life and a harbour full of boards.

 Palais des festival et des Congres, Cannes, City in France
Monaco, the city is cascades from the hills to a lavish waterfront setting most identifiable in the are known as Monte-Carlo. It is a small country in Europe. This is the place where the grand prix happens every year in May.

The Casino in Monte Carlo 

Nikki Beach, Monaco
St. Tropez is a small town, 100 km went from Nice. The drive to this place were so beautiful. The roads were along the waterfront. The town is very chic. It has small and high end brand in a boutique form. The shopping narrow street were interesting and vibrant. You will find the best yacht park this the city main pier. There are tons of different variety of yacht, It was a relaxing day. We stroll and had a small bites a long the way.

Saint Tropez