Saturday, November 7, 2015

Je t'aime Paris

The title says it all. This blog post is going to be bombarded with tons of photos of the Eiffel tower. So I won't type too much as the name of the city 'Paris' is self explanatory but you can sit back and enjoy the photos. The city is a beautiful city full of life. I definitely kept back feeling inspired by the long walks, the beautiful ornate buildings, the cute cafe everywhere, the energy, the abundance of macaroons and amazing views of just about anything. 

We are in Paris for just a night and it surely wasn't enough for me. WE started of with early morning, as the one thing I was determined to do whilst in Paris, no matter how long the queue was, was to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower. We were lucky that it wasn't crowded that day. I can easily say that the view from the top was well worth the wait and definitely the highlight of my trip - it was gorgeous day and the view in all directions was stunning. From there we saw the Arc du Tripmphe up close. It was huge, never imagine it to be so big. We ran through the Champ-Elysees, and we were just so wowed by it. Our eyes sparkle as we went along. 

After the sun down, we took a night tour of the city. It was gorgeous. The city is much more interesting by night. No words would be enough to explain that moment, sitting on top of the bus, seeing the picturesque view of the city and the chill cold weather. It was just perfect. 

Enjoy these photos of some of my favourites things in Paris!

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