Monday, November 30, 2015

My first Diwali after Marriage 2015

It was our first Diwali as a married couple. It's supposed to be the most special and auspicious of occasions since it is our first Diwali as husband and wife. 

Diwali is simply a joyous occasions with showers of firecrackers welcoming the celebration of goodness, light lamps and fairy lights illuminating the ambiance on our homes to signify that darkness has been banished for good and also abundance of sweet delicacies, new and colourful attire.

Varin is kind of a guy who doesn't believe in religion or festival, but he gave in for to celebrate this festival. Since we both are in Singapore, we weren't in involve with the whole givings and takings. Our parents in Bangkok completed all the rituals for us. 

In the morning, we went out for Diwali Brunch to Bar Bar Black Sheep at Holland Village, Very sutler and quite place. 

In the evening, what we ended up doing was, so shop, wear new attire and decorate the house with lights and enjoy a yummy meal together. We did a small prayer (of-course with the help of youtube), we had our prasad and had a big Indian meal. We burnt some crackers for formalities and enjoyed our meal. We decided to order in as we want a restaurant style food. We enjoyed watching Kabhi kushi kabhi gum on tv and ended our day with dessert. It was really cosy. We had the whole house lit with lights.