Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My first Karwa Chauth 2015

There hasn't been a single day in all of my 31 years, that I've spent fasting for anything. 

For people who don't know, Karva Chauth is a one-day celebrated by Hindu married women by fasting all day long until the moon is out that night for their safety and longevity. 

Fast & prayers are traditionally dedicated to the men in the family. I am told by fasting during Karva Chauth, a wife believes she is extending her husband's life. But what about the wife's life? No extension for the poor lady?? Errr. It sound funny. But I guess all this made sense in the old days when men went to war and engaged in hunting. 

I'm a total foodie and just the idea of having to skip a meal makes me nervous. I asked my less than a year old husband if he would mind me not fasting for him on my first Karva chauth. He said, "why take the trouble?" If you fast, I'll have to wait for you for dinner, which is not practical. 

My in-laws are not Hindu, so they are not big on the idea of Karva Chauth either. My mother in law left it to me totally. Neither did my Husband's brother's wife keep it. I was a little sceptical and one day, my granny rang me up asking me to keep. I was fully blown away initially but then I thought, it not difficult to starve and I'll just do it to keep her happy which I totally did. A traditional Karva Chauth might not be my thing, but I believe that every fasting wide or soon to be wife, has her own way of showing her love for her husband. 

I've grown up watching my mum fasting religiously for my dad. It's the one day of the year when I think she is the  most beautiful. I followed the traditions too. Got up at 4 in the morning, ate my sargi (food sent by mother in law), but in my case I choose and made the food I wanted to eat. I got beautifully doll, wore my only suit I had in Singapore. In the afternoon, I joined my friends for Puja and treated myself with a medium size Starbucks coffee. 

I came back home and feel to sleep for 3 hours. When I woke up, my hubby was back and it was already 8 o'clock. We watch movie and since we were getting the report of vision of the moon through what-apps, we didn't bother searching for it. We were indulge in our movie. The movie finished around 10:30hrs and by this time the moon was out in Bangkok and Delhi, so I was wondering why it was not out in Singapore. We then went out to search the moon. Since it was raining and hazy in Singapore we were not able to see anything. It was already 11 and my husband was hungry, so I broke my fast and we went out for dinner. 

My favourite part of Karva Chauth has always been the end, the support your hubby gives you is expression less. There's a real love in all of this and that's what is beautiful about this tradition.