Wednesday, March 23, 2016

India Trip 2015

I travelled to India, Delhi during December 2015 and I club in Vaishno Devi and Amristsar as well. 

The trip to the holy shrine is completely prerogative of those who received the call of Mother goddess. This post intends to share this divine experience of trip to holy shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi 
while giving vital information. 

We flew from Delhi to Jammu, it was one hour flight from Delhi. From Jammu we drove to Katra. The Katra road is not bad at all. It was a single track like most other roads in Himalays. But there was some parts that had 2 lanes and cutting through the mountain. The distance from Jammu to Katra is approximately 50 kms. We took a helicopter up and came down walking. It was cold and we were bare foot. 

I think it was around 1am, we were finally at Mata's Bhawan. There was a huge line of people who were waiting for Mata's darshan. We went in through gate 6 and in less than 20 mins from there, we were at Mata's holy cave and I prayed for the world. 

At 1:35am we were done with the darshan and started going back to Katra by walk. It was a good walk down. We stop on the way for maggie and drinks. The weather was beautiful. The view from the top is beautiful and breathtaking. 

From Jammu to Amritsar, we went in the mini bus. It was the whole 20 of us in one bus. It was so much fun, talking and singing along the way. It was a couple of hours drive but we didn't feel it one bit. Reached Amritsar late night. We got food in the hotel to eat and just had a party in the room. The next morning we went to golden temple. It was so peaceful and serene. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Le Meridien Phuket, Thailand

This video was taking in May 2013, I wanted to upload it just because it is a beautiful property and I would be staying here again this year. Hopefully there is not much change but we will see. 

I really this property, it has a private beach and not accessible by anyone except the hotel guest. The beach front area is well taken care. The food is super yummy. They got a huge swimming pool and several restaurants to enjoy. It is located just few mins away from the busy street of Patong. You will be amaze of its proximity. 

So enjoy the video. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Boracay Philippines

New island Trip on our 1st anniversary. 

We were actually choosing between Vietnam or Boracay. After several research and discussions, we selected Boracay for several reasons. 

One being that, there is a direct flight from Singapore to Boracay (Kalibo) not direct but not far either. We were thinking, if we move back to Bangkok, for us to travel from Bangkok would require 1 stop to reach Boracay. As for Vietnam, from Bangkok, there are so many flights and it is much closer. I know the two destination does not even compare but they are both in my bucket list. I'm so excited for both but Boracay gives me more uncertainties as I've only been to Manila. 

Getting there and away, Like all beautiful places, Boracay is hard and difficult to get to. The best way to get there is to take an Air Asia or Tiger to Kalibo, then connect to Boracay Island with a van and then a long tail boat. There is a closer airport called Catilan, which is easier to get to but you would need to take the flight from Manila then only you would be able to connect in. 

The Beach - The beach is white and the sand just melts in your feet. It's so comforting for your feet. This is the one in all the photos that you see of Boracay. And trust me, it is so beautiful. Perfect, thin white sand, crystal clear water and enough space that you can find a quiet space while away your time. White beach is a long stretch divided into station one to four. Station one is quieter, with three and four being quite busy. Station two is the area known as D'mall, packed with tourist, kind of shopping precinct on the beach. 

Accommodation - Unlike Thailand, accommodation on Boracay can be a little more pricey, but bargains can still be found. 

The weather - It was a good time to travel to Boracay based on the season, but I felt like giving myself a bang on the wall, it was cloudy during our trip. There were some sunshine but just a bit. In a way, it was good for us, as we were able to walk around the island during the day and made the most out of it. 

On our first day, we reached the hotel by 6 in the evening, we go freshen up and we had a romantic dinner by the beach. It was super windy, we enjoyed our meal and cut our anniversary cake there. The feeling of it was just so nice and relaxing. After our meal, we went to a lounge to chill out. It was really good vibes. It is so different from other places I have been.

On our second day, we hired a car to roam around the island. We covered the whole island in 4 hours. The island is so interesting in different ways. There is so much to do as well. After that we went to the Shangri-la bar, it was just mind blowing. This is a place all should visit if you are in Boracay. 
View Top
Puka Beach
Solana Bar at Shangri-La Boracay
The third day, we were just chilling at this place called spider house. Good place at the tip of the beach. Good food and music. People could jump in the beach directly from there 

Overall, if I have a chance to go back, I will for sure go back. Now I understand why it is so highly ranked beach. People were so humble and nice and the whole ambiance was just explicit.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Blah Blah Blah

I woke up feeling blah today. I am not sure why, I just feel out of sorts today. I am not sure what happened to make me feel this way, but I have been under a little cloud for the past couple days. I thought I was feeling depressed, but when I read about depression, it was not it. I realised that I wasn't depressed or sad or lonely. I am just feeling "Blah". 

According to, feeling blah means, a physical uneasiness or a general discomfort. 

I'm just going to push towards it. I will probably follow my routine and just get over it. Everything is just moving on without any push or eagerness to do anything. Going to do things differently, like leaving work early and munch on some unhealthy food. Hopefully this will get me through the day. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

It's Off

During my wedding, choora was one of our traditions to follow. I never had problem with this tradition nor was I irritated with it. I initially thought I would wear it for 6 months and remove it but  there was a wedding in the family at the 10th month, so I waiting until then. 


I never felt it was a problem to wear just that it didn't really match with my outfits. So I ended up wearing dark and plain colors so that it match to my outfit. In terms of work, it all fell just well. I think it's also the size and the number of bangles I was wearing was not that much. 

Yeah I did feel funny when I go for a job or a swim, I did feel funny but didn't care. I never did take it out once nor did it slip out of my hands ever. It just require a little patience and willingness to do it. I finally took it out on Valentines day 14.02.2016 after 1 year and 24 days. I feel weird wearing my watch, it feels super heavy on my hands