Wednesday, March 23, 2016

India Trip 2015

I travelled to India, Delhi during December 2015 and I club in Vaishno Devi and Amristsar as well. 

The trip to the holy shrine is completely prerogative of those who received the call of Mother goddess. This post intends to share this divine experience of trip to holy shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi 
while giving vital information. 

We flew from Delhi to Jammu, it was one hour flight from Delhi. From Jammu we drove to Katra. The Katra road is not bad at all. It was a single track like most other roads in Himalays. But there was some parts that had 2 lanes and cutting through the mountain. The distance from Jammu to Katra is approximately 50 kms. We took a helicopter up and came down walking. It was cold and we were bare foot. 

I think it was around 1am, we were finally at Mata's Bhawan. There was a huge line of people who were waiting for Mata's darshan. We went in through gate 6 and in less than 20 mins from there, we were at Mata's holy cave and I prayed for the world. 

At 1:35am we were done with the darshan and started going back to Katra by walk. It was a good walk down. We stop on the way for maggie and drinks. The weather was beautiful. The view from the top is beautiful and breathtaking. 

From Jammu to Amritsar, we went in the mini bus. It was the whole 20 of us in one bus. It was so much fun, talking and singing along the way. It was a couple of hours drive but we didn't feel it one bit. Reached Amritsar late night. We got food in the hotel to eat and just had a party in the room. The next morning we went to golden temple. It was so peaceful and serene.