Friday, March 4, 2016

It's Off

During my wedding, choora was one of our traditions to follow. I never had problem with this tradition nor was I irritated with it. I initially thought I would wear it for 6 months and remove it but  there was a wedding in the family at the 10th month, so I waiting until then. 


I never felt it was a problem to wear just that it didn't really match with my outfits. So I ended up wearing dark and plain colors so that it match to my outfit. In terms of work, it all fell just well. I think it's also the size and the number of bangles I was wearing was not that much. 

Yeah I did feel funny when I go for a job or a swim, I did feel funny but didn't care. I never did take it out once nor did it slip out of my hands ever. It just require a little patience and willingness to do it. I finally took it out on Valentines day 14.02.2016 after 1 year and 24 days. I feel weird wearing my watch, it feels super heavy on my hands