Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pre-Birthday Trip to Bintan Island

On 23rd April, we did a pre-birthday trip to Bintan Island. We stayed at Banyan Tree for 2 days 1 night. It was only a 50 mins ferry ride from Spore. The ferry terminal wasn't that bad and the ferry itself surprising modern. The traffic and ride over was very smooth and I didn't suffer from seasick. We cleared are immigration from both Singapore and Indonesia side then proceeded to the Banyan tree waiting lounge. The staff met us and after a while they collected out bags and escorted us to the car for the ride to the report. Feeling was like king and queen, as there will be someone standing by to  open the car door and provide us with water & fruits. The service was just awesome. 

Upon arrival, we got welcome drinks and were attended by one of the staff. The staff was so polite and very nice towards us. Everyone was very hospitable and anticipating in our needs. They also speak fluent English and other languages like Japanese. The reception will remember our name, the staff will chat and greet us and those who doesn't speak good English will give biggest smile every time we had an eye contact with them. We were totally impressed by their wonderful services. 

We arrived early (about 1pm, check in at 3pm) but since our room was ready, they allowed us to check in early! The buggy send us to our villa. We stayed in deluxe sea view villa which was just perfect for us. It had a mind blowing view with luscious trees. Feeling was like being located in the wildlife. 

Room was spacious, very clean and the bathroom was great with gorgeous toiletries. Felt very private and although we could see other villas in the hillside but it was secluded. It is certainly a super luxury villa with private jet-pool. 

We didn't go out of the resort at all. I feel in love with the resort, the beach, the always-smiling people, the laid back environment and the scenery. All in all a luxurious and relaxing, peaceful 2 days. Banyan Tree Bintan was everything we hoped for and more. It was a wonderful and worth trip. We'd definitely go back again. 


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