Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's been long!!

I never thought that I would go so many months without updating my blog, after blogging consistently for a long while. It feels so wrong to even say that out loud. My blog has always been important to me and one of the key ways that I can be in my own zone and let go some thoughts. But my life has a way of causing a pause for me to write. 

It's 2017 and January is ending!!! Where has the past year gone? My Lawd! Well, I guess I have been little busy, ya know, taking care of hubby, house and work has been crazzy. 

My last blog post here was the post where I share my trip to Europe. Fast forward half a year, and I'm here writing this blog post to reconnect. I promise you that this will not be my only blog post for the year lol. I am getting into my groove again. 

F1 Singapore

These are some of the photograph for F1 Singapore 2016. It was in the saved in the draft for a while. So let me share some of the pictures.