My Story

This blog is just a fun & positive getaway for me to express my love for everything pretty & fabulous.

I created this blog five years back when there were not that many blogger. To me bloggin was and always will be a place where I can write by thoughts about anything in order to come back to them at a later date - A bit like an archive. I enjoy blogging, it's a hobby.

I’m a Thai-Born and bread Indian living in the delightful city of Singapore.  I’m a typical Taurean and now thirty. 

I am not a good writer, but looking forward to improve myself gradually.

Just an average girl with an eye for beauty and a fashion obsession that seriously damages the limits of my average budget.

I have a love affair with traveling and, yes, an impulsive over-packer. I'm a big foodie but I really can't cook. I'm a daily orange sha-yen (ice tea) drinker and love dark chocolate. Gyming to me is like breathing, I need some sort of exercise coz I'm really get paranoid with my weight. I'm a part time photographer and a dreamer.

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